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The 13-15 age group plays in the Central Harford Baseball League. Bel Air has typically been able to provide 2-3 teams in this league.  Not only will the Bel Air teams play each other, but also against other area rec councils as well.  If you are a Sophomore or older playing on your high school's JV baseball team, you will not be eligible to play in this league. 


Typically games are played twice each week on Mondays and Wednesdays. Occasionally teams will play on a Sunday night at 6pm in lieu of a Monday game. 



Provided –Bats, Helmets, catchers equipment, Uniforms (hat, shirt, socks)

Required –Baseball Glove, Athletic Supporter (cup) for catchers, Baseball pants, cleats

Optional –Athletic Supporter (cup) ((recommended)) Helmet, Bat, batting glove